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Engrotuš d.o.o., Celje employs over 3000 people and boasts a combined retail space of more than 100.000 m2 and 232 establishments. The Tuš Group is managing the company Engrotuš, whose central activities encompass the retail sales and wholesaling of food and non-food products. The company is expanding development through investments and expansion of activities, and, among other things, through the acquisition of complementary companies.

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We are directed towards achieving long-term and stable development through investments. In accordance with our set goals, we strive for greater business success and effectiveness and seek new opportunities in the environment we operate in. We respond to these with innovative solutions, giving us an advantage over our competitors. Through ceaseless investments into our employees, we ensure a high degree of motivation and social security, which is subsequently reflected in the satisfaction of our customers. The image of the Group is being constantly improved through the tradition of active incorporation into the lives of local communities, where, through donations and sponsorships, we contribute to a higher quality of life and the development of the societies in which we live and operate.

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